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Internet stands for the source of media without which commercials and marketing are unthinkable. There are various portals which work with different types of design and designing, but most of them are mostly commercial. Ludvig design stands for a portal which is meant for all people who conduct some type of creative and artistic work. Creative people, artists and, of course, designers from all the spheres of artistic work are certainly welcome here.

Art is everywhere around us, all we need to do is recognize it. Ludvig design is a portal which gathers artists and passionate lovers of making from all the different parts of the world. Each segment of artistic work is a story for itself which needs to be told. This portal’s story is multinational, a story which is certainly interesting and creative in a totally special and unique way. Artists and designers from all segments of art fulfill as well as enlighten themselves and, therefore, make this story even more fascinating.

Today’s modern age leaves us with little time to enjoy creative things. Passion, love and talent are symbols of creativity as well as of people who make them. Creation is a neglected part of art, thus, it is very important to show the world that it is still present in the heads and hard-working hands of artists. Moreover, creativity stands for a very valuable characteristic. Creative artists have managed to move the boundaries which separated people. This is the main reason why this page was created in the first place.

Ludvig design is a website which gathers all the people of good will who desire to share their vision of the world through art to the rest of the world. If you are such a person, we invite you to join us in the writing of our common story. We invite painters, photographers and creative people who want to show the world their artistic work to join us on our page .

This page is put on over 200 web directories in the world. Our visitors come from all parts of Europe, Asia and all down to Southern America. Feel free to be creative and show the world your glorious work. Besides the display of your talent, your artistic works will be a commercial of yours on this site. This is a necessity to send the word to the rest of the world. The only thing which is required for you to join this great number of creative people is to send 30 of your work with one text to the mail: Ova e-mail adresa je zaštićena od spambota. Potrebno je omogućiti JavaScript da je vidite. and your gallery is starting to be made. All your works and texts will be displayed on this page but are still your property. Their download, copy and further use is not allowed without the authorization of the author.

Join us in the making of a more beautiful as well as creative story. All suggestions are welcome and will be carefully considered. We will tend to make all the dreams come true since it is the only way we can change the sense of design’s importance.

Best wishes and have a good creative day!

Željko Bedić ( )


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